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Innovations in Asset Management

SOLUTIONS 2.0 has a laser focus to demonstrate how Asset Management allows asset owners, operators and maintainers to scale and apply solutions that are appropriate for the asset challenges as well as to make improvements in value delivery that will have the maximum outcome. Learn to create a decision criteria around how much to spend and when to spend it.

This learning and networking event is designed for anyone who is responsible for establishing, creating or managing an asset management or reliability program. Case studies and short courses are offered so you can learn what created value and what did not from those who have already experienced some pain and some gain.

If you work in Asset Management, Reliability or Maintenance, Solutions 2.0 brings the world’s top subject matter experts together to share the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your teams success.

Asset Condition Management

Asset Decisions

Asset Information

Risk Management


  • August 3-7, 2015

    at The Westin Galleria

    Houston, Texas

Certified Reliability Leader (CRL)

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The Reliability Leader Certification is based on the holistic system ofUptime® Elements™ and the CRL Body of Knowledge (BoK). Do you want to learn more about the Certified Reliability system?

The Certified Reliability Leader System focuses on whole life asset management decisions and whole life value delivery through leadership.  The system provides guidance in applyingits principles early into the asset’s lifecycle, rather than in the typical operate and maintain asset life cycle phase that most organizations employ.  It is a map of theory, to engage and empower every stakeholder in your organization as a Reliability Leader.

Uptime® Elements™ provide a simple way to understand a holistic, system-based approach to embedding reliability into an organization’s practices and culture. By using a unified theory to explain the fundamental elements of reliability and how they relate to each other, Uptime Elements allow everyone to gain an understanding of reliability appropriate to the work they do.




There is a high rate of failure at the implementation level that can be fixed. According to research conducted by® and confirmed by numerous other sources – over 70% of change efforts and new strategies fail to create a sustained result.  This is a paradox because the most effective strategies and techniques about maintenance reliability are well known and well documented.  What is happening in the 30% of reliability initiatives that succeed?

That answer can be summed up in a single word:  Leadership!


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  • Allied Reliability Group

  • ARMS Reliability

  • Asset Analytix

  • Cascade

  • Cohesive Solutions

  • Copperleaf Technologies

  • Dematic

  • Des-Case Corporation

  • Emerson Process Management

  • Esco Products

  • Genesis Solutions

  • IBM

  • Lubrication Engineers

  • Ludeca

  • MaxGrip

  • People and Processes

  • Precision Lubrication

  • SDT Ultrasound Solutions

  • Small Hammer Inc.

  • SPM Instrument

  • UE Systems


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